Thursday, May 25, 2017

A little house for the two of us

I couldn't be happier.
Me and my husband have just signed a contract with a producer of prefabricated houses for our little house.
We have been very busy with meetings, visits, analyzing, deciding... for the last few months.
And we both decided at the end for the same producer, so it was an easy decision at the end.
If everything goes well, we will move to our new home before Christmas 2018. 
First 5 % of the house are already paid. Only another 95 % remain to be paid :)

I am looking forward to many things. But most of all I look forward having a little garden that belongs to us. Having a private parking space. And - having a guest room for friends and family.

After experiencing failure after failure for the whole decade it is so refreshing to have something to really look forward to! 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Two tickets

I've just bought two tickets for me and my husband for Rolling Stones' concert in Austria in September.
Can't wait!!!


22 years ago, when I was 22, I went to Rolling Stones' concert in the north of Spain with my beloved friend Maria :

We were too young to have the money to buy the tickets, so we listened  the concert (together with bunch of her friends) outside. It was great, but how we wished to have the money to listen to it inside.

I will have Maria in my mind and in my heart when listening to the great music. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Having lots of money and no children

I spent a whole day with my mom, working on my vegetables' garden. It was nice, I am still learning so much from her. We had a lot of time to talk and this is the story that my mom told me.

My mom recently talked to my niece (aged 9) and the niece asked her how come that in her best friend's family there are 4 children and in her family there are only 2.
My mom replied that each person should have as many children as one can afford.
My niece said: "But Klara has a lot of money* and she doesn't have any children!"
My mom told her: "Everybody decides for him/herself. And you should never ask this Klara unless you want her to be sad."

I didn't comment anything.

You see, I never talked to my mom about my infertily.
When can you start talking about it? After it doesn't work out for few months? After first few medical examinations? Before 1st IVF? After 10th failed IVF?

And now my beloved niece has already knowledge how you deal with infertility (and other unpleasant issues) in family: you don't talk about. You pretend that nothing happened.

This makes me sad.

* A note: I don't have a lot of money. But to a child an aunt that can easily pay for the icecream and cakes for 5 children equals being rich :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A great post

I loved Different Shore's post:

And I loved one of the comments:
"I don’t think those with kids survive a loss any better, just differently. Everyone finds comfort and value and fulfillment in different places and someone’s ‘my kids saved me’ could be another persons ‘my friends or my work or my rose garden or my novel I am writing’ saved me." (Mamajo23)

Great Gatsby - help needed

I still love teaching the teenage boy, I have learnt so much by teaching him. Lots of new vocabulary, I learnt lots of grammer rules that I had forgotten.

Teaching him is always a bit bitter-sweet. How I wish I could learn school stuff together with my children!

But as always, I send sad thoughts away. It is what it is. And I have to make the most out of what I have.

Have I ever written that I love the movie Great Gatsby? I watched it again because of the boy. And I am currently reading the novel, for the very first time.

I would need some help with answering some literature questions on Great Gatsby. If you are willing to help do send me an email: klara.soncek (@ )

Saturday, May 13, 2017

You are on earth to be the sun

You are on earth to view the sun.
You are on earth to track the sun.
You are on earth to be the sun
that shadows always shun.
(by Tone PavĨek) 

I recently read a beautiful poem by our poet and I wanted to share few lines with you.

And here are some photos from the city centre of Ljubljana that I took yesterday after work. Aren't they pretty?

What Mother’s Day Feels Like During Infertility

What Mother’s Day Feels Like During Infertility

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